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Every day after school, our program includes:

A Familiar Environment

Snack & Chat

Homework Help

Maggie's Place is here for families who are looking for a safe and comfortable place for their child every day after school, as well as parents who want to extend their child's day with enrichment, fitness and fun. Our after school community truly feels like family.

We believe healthy nutrition is a fundamental part of growing strong bodies and minds. Each afternoon begins with a healthy snack including fresh fruits and vegetables. We use this group time to socialize and plan our day.

After Snack & Chat time, we take the time to finish our homework or read quietly. Using this time productively after school at Maggie's Place OnSite means your family will have more quality time to enjoy at home.

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Core Curriculum

Group Games

Extra Enrichment

Open ended. Theme based. Developmentally appropriate. From Kindergarten through 6th grade - we're having fun learning, laughing, thinking, asking, crafting, and creating.

Capture the flag, freeze tag, sharks and minnows; when the weather's good, we're outside in the sun having fun. In winter, we might race helium balloon aircrafts, play pickle ball or screaming toes.

We believe children should be given opportunities to learn and practice new skills. To this end, we offer enrichment classes for those parents looking for something a little extra. Extra fees may apply.

Our program runs from the time school gets out, to 6 pm, everyday, the full school year.

A Positive Impact

Meaningful learning with hands-on fun! Plus, we give back 5% of our revenue to your child's school.
Over $20,000 has been contributed to local elementary schools so far!


An Exemplary Staff

Our highly qualified Program Managers are dedicated to the highest levels of program quality, receive training quarterly and are passionate about childhood development.

Loved by Parents and Students

Parents value our convenience, flexible scheduling, affordable pricing and local management. Over 90% of enrolled families recommend Maggie's Place to families and friends.

Enrollment is Open for Fall

Our Programs are open for registration. Maggie's Place OnSite programs will be available at the following locations:

Idaho Falls School District 91
After-school programs will be offered at the beginning of each school year at the following locations:*

A.H. Bush Elementary
Edgemont Elementary
Ethel Boyes Elementary
Foxhollow Elementary
Hawthorne Elementary
Linden Park Elementary
Longfellow Elementary
Sunnyside Elementary
Temple View Elementary
Theresa Bunker Elementary
Westside Elementary

Bonneville Joint School District 93

Transportation is available from each of the following locations:

Ammon Elementary
Bridgewater Elementary
Cloverdale Elementary
Discovery Elementary
Falls Valley Elementary
Hillview Elementary
Iona Elementary
Mountain Valley Elementary
Rimrock Elementary
Summit Hills Elementary
Tiebreaker Elementary
Woodland Hills Elementary

Other Schools
After-school programs may be available at other local elementary schools.  Call for more information.

Program Rates Per Month

If your child attends 5 days per week: $378*

If your child attends 4 days per week: $341*

If your child attends 3 days per week: $303*

If your child attends 2 days per week: $284*

*Transportation available for an extra fee.


Sibling Discounts:

10% discount on second child.

20% discount on each child thereafter.

Maggie's Place OnSite requires a minimum number of students to open a program at a school. If we do not yet have a program open at your child's school, please contact our Managing Director for more information about the potential to open one. 

Transportation is also available in limited areas, to after-school programs within your school district.

If you have questions about your child's school, or our program and locations, please contact our Managing Director Sheryl Gittings at (208) 502-1112

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