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A Childcare & Tutoring Combo,

To adapt to new school schedules

Proudly brought to you by Maggie's Place

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Maggie’s Place OnSite and Maggie’s Place Learning Center have combined to offer AKIDEMICS CLUB. AKIDEMICS CLUB is a full time/ part time option for elementary school students which includes childcare and tutoring/ homework help at our Idaho Falls Learning Center during the days your students are off school. 

We know that going back to school will be complicated, and as your child's teacher at home, sometimes you'll need a little extra help. We're here for you, and we've designed a program that's both fun, and will help your student succeed academically.

A day at AKIDEMICS CLUB will include: 

  • Engaging and Fun Childcare

  • Enrichment with Weekly STEAM Activities

  • Individual and Small Group Tutoring

  • Dedicated Homework Time and Help

  • A Credentialed Teacher Onsite

  • Morning and Afternoon Snacks

  • Staff Trained to follow CDC and Dept. of Health Guidelines 

Fun for your students, and peace of mind for parents!