Maggie's Place Program Managers and Tutors have attended and been awarded undergraduate and graduate degrees from a diverse collection of world class colleges and universities. We are proud of the diversity they represent and encourage their educational pursuits as mentors and role models for our children and youth. 


Our Story


Dan Randall

Director of Strategic Initiatives

B.A. History, ISU

Margaret Gittings-Randall

Digital Marketing Manager

B.S. Anthropology, ASU

Sheryl Gittings

Managing Director

B.A. Business Administration, Menlo College

Maggie's Place is founded on the love for childhood that Sheryl Gittings and Dan Randall found in common when they met in an Art for Early Childhood Development class in college in 1995. Not long after, 'Mr. Dan' and 'Ms. Sheryl' worked as preschool teachers for Children's World, Mary Lane, in Escondido, CA. 


Marrying in 1997 and welcoming their daughter Margaret shortly thereafter, Dan and Sheryl worked for the next two decades in Child Development; Sheryl as an Area Manager for major childcare corporations, including a partnership with Stanford University, and Dan as an entrepreneur with WizKids, a computer enrichment company.

As they raised their daughter, they applied what they learned as childcare professionals, fostering a love for learning, encouraging an abundance of reading, showing positive support for their daughter's every effort, and always cherishing the times they enjoyed together as a family.

Hoping one day to open a center or program of their own where they could create child-first policies, provide a variety of enrichment opportunities, putting the needs of children ahead of profits, and treating each child in their care with the respect and support they would give their own daughter, Dan and Sheryl made a business plan in 2006 for an after-school enrichment and tutoring program. That plan was filed away for nearly a decade. 

In 2016, Dan and Sheryl got that chance when Maggie went off to ASU to study Anthropology. As empty nesters, Dan and Sheryl built their vision, first with Maggie's Place Enrichment Center in downtown Idaho Falls in 2016, then Maggie's Place OnSite, After-school Childcare Programs in 2017, then Maggie's Place Tutoring Centers in Idaho Falls and Pocatello in 2018.

To date, Maggie's Place has helped countless students with their academics, provided safe and affordable after-school childcare, and boosted the self confidence of the students in our community. We have given back over $7.000 to our communities through our school revenue share programs.  Best of all, we have seen the joys in children's' faces as they reach new accomplishments, be that through learning new skills in computer coding, earning a new taekwondo belt, making a new friend, achieving a reading goal, increasing an ACT score, or joyfully opening an acceptance letter from their preferred college. 


Winner of the Greater Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce, Businesses of Distinction Awards, Small Business of the Year 2018, Maggie's Place is The Smart Choice for After-School, a Tutoring Center that is Helping our Students Reach New Levels of Academic Success, and a business run by two parents who share the goal of enriching the academic, social, and intellectual development of the children in our community, just as they would want for their own child. 

Meet Our Program Managers


Lizzy Hansen

Ammon Elementary

Hi, I’m Lizzy. I’m studying Construction Management with an emphasis in Architecture at Brigham Young University-Idaho and plan to graduate in the Fall of 2021! My goal is to one day design custom homes for couples and families. I grew up nannying every summer and babysitting throughout the school years. I love kids and find this job really rewarding because I love seeing the progress they make throughout the year, I love playing games, building legos, and getting crafty with them, and they never fail to make me smile!


Nicole Conner

Ammon Elementary

Hi, I’m Nicole. I am studying exercise physiology with an emphasis in nutrition at Brigham Young University-Idaho. I want to become a nutritionist and then a physician assistant (PA). I enjoy seeing children reach goals and find success. I love helping them do this!

Annie VonDoersten.jpg

Annie VonDoersten

Ammon Elementary

Hi, I’m Annie. I’m studying elementary education at Brigham Young University-Idaho. My future professional goal is to be able to assist my students in finding a love for education by showing them that school can be fun, and that they can see their personal progress through their hard work. I have enjoyed being able to see the world through a child’s eyes. Children have such a cool outlook on life and how things work in this world, and I love being able to witness that! 


Cari Luce

Longfellow Elementary

Hi, I’m Cari. I have dedicated my life to kids. My background is in early childhood development and behavior. I have spent over 30 years working in childcare. I love this experience to work with the kids and the opportunity to get to know them. 

Jamie Clinger.jpeg

Jamie Clinger

Discovery Elementary

Hi, I’m Jamie. I’m studying elementary education at Brigham Young University-Idaho. Once I graduate, I plan on picking up classes as a substitute until my own kids are older, then I want to teach 2nd grade. I love working with students because they are very sweet, and their desire to learn and interact is contagious!

laura harper1.jpg

Laura Harper

Discovery Elementary

Hi, I'm Laura Harper. I have worked in an elementary school for about 20 years. I thoroughly enjoy working with children. Maggie’s Place gives me the opportunity to interact with children through teaching, learning together, arts and crafts, and playing games.

Natalie Porter 02.jpeg

Natalie Porter

Sunnyside Elementary

 Hi, I’m Natalie. I’m studying elementary education at Brigham Young University-Idaho with the hope of becoming a teacher and making a difference in my students’ lives. I love the joy and enthusiasm that children have. Their energy brings me joy, and even though I am a teacher, I learn so much from them. 

Mikelle Remer.jpeg

Mikelle Remer

Sunnyside Elementary

Hi, I’m Mikelle. I am studying special education for K-6 at Brigham Young University-Idaho. I plan to become a teacher once I graduate. I love forming friendships with students and helping them learn while having fun at the same time. 

Tirsa Englehardt_edited.jpg

Tirsa Englehardt

Westside Elementary

Hi, I’m Tirsa. I am a student at Brigham Young University-Idaho studying Elementary Education.  I hope to use this degree to become a teacher for grades k-4.  I love kids and have had a lot of experience with them.  I am the oldest of 5 with the youngest just turning 10. For the past 3 years, I have been a babysitter for a family back home. What I enjoy about working with kids is that I get to see them grow and learn, knowing that I had a huge impact on their life.

Krysten Wiedrich.jpeg

Krysten Wiedrich

Linden Park Elementary

Hi, I'm Krysten. I’m studying industrial organizational psychology at Brigham Young University-Idaho. I plan to get my PhD in clinical psychology and help people who are struggling with mental illness or family related issues. I love being in the positive environment that comes from working in the after school program and learning from the students.  

Alyssa Stewart.jpg

Alyssa Stewart

Falls Valley Elementary

Hi, I’m Alyssa. I am at Brigham Young University-Idaho studying health and am hoping to transfer to a specialty school to become a dental hygienist specializing in pediatrics. I’ve worked as a nanny, substitute teacher, and now as a program manager. I love working with the kids in my program and watching them finally grasp a concept we’ve been working on. I love watching them grow and having the opportunity to help them become wonderful people.